A guide to moving the home office

By | August 18, 2015
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The home office needs some activities for a preparation for the move to a new place and next is a guide with tips and activities that should be high on your agenda too:

– Go through all the options for the new location of your home office. It may be a small part of the new house or a whole room. It may also include more than just one room or a terrace with adjacent complimentary areas such as study area, a desk or a library area. If you rent a new house and if you plan to transform one room into a home office – then you probably want to check out the possibilities about the location of the door, the windows, the air-conditioning, etc.

– Start planning the move at least a month before the desired date. A great idea is to make a checklist with activities and tasks that you should do, as well as possible deadlines to stick to. The right timing ensures less time and efforts at the moving day, which is especially important when it comes to moving the objects from the office. You may need a couple of days or more to deal with all the office removals, however – it should be easier if you plan everything at least a couple of weeks in advance.

– Make a floor plan of your new office. Include the number and location of the power sockets, the phone lines, where is the best spot for a better Wi-Fi performance, the distance between the door and the windows, the height of the room, etc. All these yet simple measurements will help you with an easy equipment of the new home office, especially if you plan to take the office interior from the old house with all the chairs, desks, screens and other office equipment.

– Call your removal company coordinator to discuss all the details about the move. A great idea is to pack and wrap most of your possessions in advance. This will give you a better visual layout for the volume and size of your belongings, which on the other hand will help you when requesting quotes or while discussing the details with the removal agents.

– Inform all the current suppliers about the move. A couple of week to a month before the moving day is a great margin for this step. From calling your business partners to tell them the new business address, to the local suppliers and delivery services that take place on a daily basis such as newspapers.

– Call a removal storage company if it`s needed. This is by far the best way to protect your possessions if there is any delay between the moving day and the arrival in the new home office.

– Disconnect all the office equipment such as TV screen cables, Wi-Fi, computers, phone lines, etc. Get a number of removal boxes to ensure a wider range of options when it`s time for packing and wrapping. Label the boxes according to the different objects and put only complimentary items in the boxes with different names. This is one of the best ways to ensure a fast and easy reassembling in the new home office, especially when there are dozens of long cables and connection lines.

– A final cleaning of the old office is a great way to show your attitude and character. From wiping off dust to cleaning with detergents for hardwood cleaning – there are plenty of things to do. Yet it should be much easier when all the objects are sorted, packed and waiting in the removal boxes.