Antique Furniture Moving Guidelines

By | September 24, 2015

Antique furniture can be one truly amazing addition to any home, but the truly amazing experience of having these around means you will need to protect them during moving to a new place and beyond. Oftentimes they are furniture pieces that have been around for a pretty long time, which makes them pretty sensitive to damage on the road. When you have to move you will need to be absolutely ready for what comes ahead, as the following examples will explain:

  • Cleaning the furniture

Cleaning the antiques will help before you pack them, as it will allow you to keep them not only spotless, but safe from certain other problems they could be facing, such as moisture issues and maybe even mold. If you don’t clean them or give it enough time to allow the furniture to dry, you will only make them vulnerable to further damage, so be careful. There is no perfect solution on working with this type of furniture all around, as each piece may have its quirks and individual needs based on materials and more, especially if it has been around for a long time. You would do well to work on moving the antiques with a professional moving company for maximum efficiency.

  • Options for moving antique furniture

Now this can be done, but it may not be the best idea out there, since you will need to move forward with the task with great care to avoid damaging your belongings. The help of a professional moving company would be a much better choice, as they will have the ability to insure your cargo, not to mention deal with a policy that could completely secure your cargo. They will also have experienced movers that have been doing this sort of thing for years, so can count on them to get the job done when you need it. It will take a decent amount of preparation, but with their help you will have your back covered. The best option here is to work

  • Preparing the furniture

You should avoid using tape or other similar packing supplies that may end up damaging and seriously messing up the antique and its looks. Using tape can be a serious mistake, as it can easily damage the surface of most antique furniture pieces, so you would do well to avoid it as much as you can. When you deal with this you will have a much easier time in the long run, especially if you make use of moving blankets, bubble wrap or another similar solution that would work wonders. Larger items will need to be wrapped by starting at the top and working your way down to solve the issue. Make sure your furniture is placed on pallets so it will have a chance to breathe, as moisture can quickly become a problem on a rainy day if you plan on storing the items further down the line. Any additional protection will be welcome so you can safeguard the items you have on the road.