How to Move Abroad Hassle-Free

By | August 11, 2015

I am a single parent with two young children and out of the blue, I had the opportunity to go and work in Spain for a few years. Being half Spanish it was a great opportunity for my kids to grow up in the same community I had and learn to speak Spanish like a native. I knew I had to take up the chance.

The prospect of moving house overseas seemed enormous and so I decided to find a professional relocation service based locally who could advise me on the best way to go about things. I got on the internet and searched for local removal services, putting my London postcode in the search box and there were quite a few house movers around.

I selected three companies I recognised from seeing their moving vans in the area over the years. I figured that a company who had been trading in the local area for years would be the most professional removal service to choose. When I called them, there were each so helpful in advising me on the best way to approach the move at my end and gave me some really useful tips.

One of the tips was to create a moving checklist and identify everything I wanted to move and the stuff I was going to leave behind or get rid of. It was a really good thing I had spoken to the removal companies well ahead of my move date because this step proved to be very time consuming.

Although I had already decided to sell most of my furniture items as we were moving to a furnished home in Spain, we still had so much stuff accumulated over the years, I didn’t know where to start! It took me about two weeks to go through this process but I was packing up the things I was keeping at the same time and so achieved a great deal during that time.

I had a pile of stuff to go and the moving company had suggested I have a garage sale to make a little money out of the things we no longer needed. We held one on a weekend which was so much more successful that I had ever thought! I even sold this hideous vase my auntie had bought for me which I was convinced no-one would like! It just proves the old saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ is completely right!

When I had finally got some relocation prices after finding out accurately what I was taking, I chose the cheapest man and van service for the job and booked them for a couple of days before I was due to fly out.

The day they arrived was really exciting for me and the kids because it meant our journey to a new life had begun. The guys loaded the removal van quickly and efficiently and we watched as they trundled off to our new home in Spain. They knew exactly the route they were taking and even corrected me slightly in my directions at the other end! It was so professional of them to have planned everything to the last detail.

I was also very surprised at how affordable the relocation was! The great thing was that I paid exactly what I had been quoted and there were no lurking extras. The lady at the removal company told me that was because I had gone through the moving checklist and only taken what I needed to take. She said it can be difficult to quote a customer accurately if they aren’t entirely sure what the load comprises.