How to Organise an Eco-Friendly House Move

By | July 7, 2015

Not many people would really consider it an option to find a green removals company but they do exist! In fact, there are several operating in my local area who’ve been keeping their carbon footprint reduced through some really green practices.

Half the battle against climate control involves waste. When you are considering or actively planning a house move I would recommend calling the professional house movers. These guys have been specialising in house moves for many years generally and can offer advice you would never have thought of otherwise.

How to Organise an Eco-Friendly House Move

For example, it was suggested to me that I prepare a moving checklist. This is part of the exercise to reduce waste. You have to go through your entire house, room by room, setting aside the things you really have no use for any longer. They recommend you are completely ruthless and put aside your emotional attachment to your stuff in this part of the moving checklist.

When you go through your belongings and rationalise them, making sure you are only keeping what you currently want, need and use, it makes such a difference! Not only does it reduce the clutter in your home, when it comes to moving you have much less to go! After all there’s no point in just transporting your junk with you every time as its space on the lorry isn’t free! When you’ve reduced the amount you have to go on the removals van, you’ll find that the price goes down too! In fact, I didn’t even get a quote until this job was done and when I did, the man and van hire knew exactly how much stuff they were looking at. That meant I had a really accurate price and absolutely no hidden surprises on the day.

I also took the advice of the removal company and bought some packing materials from them. They told me that if everything was packed correctly, it could be loaded on to the moving van much more easily. I bought some wrapping materials and some removal boxes. The boxes stacked really easily which meant they were able to be placed easily in the van. I was really careful to label everything and put on the outside of each box which room I wanted the man and van to deliver them to at the other end.

I originally thought that because I had hired a cheap removals service I could well get a cheap service. I was very wrong indeed! The man and a van team were super professional! They literally turned up and got on with it. They thanked me for having everything ready for their arrival, saying that would save me time and money which it did!

The whole house move was covered by the removal company’s professional insurance too which gave me huge peace of mind. I had some really delicate and valuable items to go with my last house move and the man and van team carefully wrapped my items to protect their delicate edges and decorative carvings and transported them easily. I know had I done my own house move that I wold at least have scratched or damaged them slightly but because I hired professionals, I didn’t even have to worry. Anyhow, even had there been an accident with something of mine while they were working, I would have got my money back. That’s certainly something you don’t get the benefit of when you DIY your house move!

The fact that my moving company helped with everything from packing through to unloading at my new house really took a weight off my shoulders. We all know how stressful moving house can be after all! If you are planning a house move, before you do anything else, call the professionals in!