Keeping Away From Dust During A House Move

By | August 28, 2015

With so much going on when moving house, one of the things which can cause many issues and which can often be overlooked is the amount of dust which can be kicked up in both the new and the old property. Regardless of the individual cleanliness of the homes, the process of removing every item contained within and packing it into boxes and unpacking it in a new destination is sure to disturb some amount of dust. Because of this, those who are moving home often find that dust can become an issue. So if you are moving, what can you do to deal with the issue of dust in your new and old homes?

One of the first things to think about is the cleanliness of your new home. Now that it is empty and before you are able to unpack, this is a great time in which you can prevent the dust settling into the home. If you have a vacuum cleaner, then this can be a great time in which to remove as much dust as possible from the carpets and areas which will be inaccessible once everything has been unpacked. It can be far easier to clean an empty house and before you begin to unpack, putting the hoover round can mean that there is less dust which you can disturb and that you will no longer need to worry about kicking up clouds during the unpacking process.

A great way in which you can prevent yourself from having to deal with a great deal of dust during a move is to make sure that you have access to the kind of protective masks which offer a great deal of security when placed over the mouth and nose. If you are concerned about dust (perhaps due to asthma) then these masks can make sure that you are not in danger of breathing it into your lungs. Covering your mouth and nose can prevent dust becoming too much of an issue when you are moving to a new property.

Another thing to consider when thinking about dust during a move is the amount which will be transported by the move itself. When you are packing, it can become apparent that some of the items which you own are themselves covered in dust. If you take the time to clean these before packing, it can prevent the issue of transporting the dust to the new home. If you want to limit your exposure to dust, then properly cleaning everything before packing is a great idea. Similarly, taking the care to make sure that the packing materials and boxes which you use are free of dust means that you will not need to worry about how to move the items into the new home without making everything unclean. With so many things to think about during a move, being aware of and knowing how to deal with the large amount of dust can be one of the most vital things for those wanting to keep their new home clean.

Article from: Removals Man with Van Ltd.