Preparing Your Toddler for a Move

By | July 14, 2015

Moving house usually comes with mixed feelings of excitement and distress. The process will inevitably impact your lifestyle for a while. The effects of the moving might not be as temporary when it comes to your children. Kids assimilate change in a different way than adults. Packaging and moving will simply exhaust you physically, while young children are affected on a mental level.
You need to understand how your little one feels about the moving. Toddlers are creature of habits. When such an event occurs, their routine might be disturbed. As a result your child might start displaying odd behaviour like getting clingy, sad or anxious. Trouble sleeping is also possible. Although, you cannot completely spare them the stress, you can make it easier on them.
Proper Preparation
Keeping your children out of the process is a major mistake, even if you have good intentions. The period prior to the moving and the way you approach it plays huge role on how easily younger family members will adapt. Spend time to gradually prepare your kids for the big day. Give your toddler enough time to get used to the idea, by notifying them a month in advance. When breaking the news, you should not simply give them the bare facts. Instead, talk about the movement, even if they might not fully understand you. This age is marked by rapid cognitive and emotional development. They might not know what this is about but they will feel the tone and the emotion of your voice.
Preserve Their Realm
When packaging your possession, leave your child’s place for last. Generally, small children under five are easier to move, because their sense of security depends entirely on their parents, rather than the surroundings. From practical point of view, it’s better to keep their things out of the boxes for as long as possible. In this way you won’t worry where they can sleep or get changed. When you actually need to collect their belongings, be sure that you have quick and easy access to that stuff. You need to unpack your child’s items as soon as you get to the new place.
Pack the Essentials
The night before the moving house, prepare a bag with essentials, especially if you are travelling long distance. Create a checklist that includes items like diapers, wipes, baby food, bottle, change clothes, hand sanitizer etc.
Mind Their Routine
This should be your number one priority during the whole process.
On the Moving Day
You should plan for the movers to come before or after the baby’s nap time. Ask friends or relatives whether you can leave your toddler for a couple of hours until the truck loading finishes. If this is impossible, stay with your child in their room and try to comfort them.
In The New Home
Try to return to the normal schedule of your child the moment the movers are out of your home. Follow the regular feeding or sleeping time. Keep the things steady for a while. Don’t go to vacations or new places, before your baby is fully adapted. Man and van Harrow