The Best Way to Move Furniture

By | September 1, 2015

When you’re moving house the furniture is probably the biggest issue you have to deal with. Apart from its size, furniture items are rarely a uniform shape and have legs and arms of their own! That can make it really difficult to protect in transit.

That’s why I always use a professional furniture removals service because those guys really know their game and can walk you through it. Professional removal companies are a lot more affordable than people think too. I have moved on a very tight budget and because I have a policy of using professionals, I’ve never gone over my spending allowance.

The reason hiring a professional Balham man and van service can save you more money is because they give you advice that helps them do their job more cost-effectively. For example, many of them tell you to draw up a moving checklist so that you have to go through your things and itemise them. During that process you can really decide what you want to keep and what you want to through away.

Furniture is a specialist area for a good moving company and they will have extensive experience of shifting, lifting and safely transporting most items, even antiques.

My mother had a huge u-shaped sofa she needed moving recently. She had no idea how it had even got into the house as she’d bought it years ago. She called a professional furniture removals company in her local area and they sent a chap to assess the job. He was able to tell her that the sofa could be broken down into manageable parts and put back together at the other end. My mother hired them and because they knew what they were doing, the job was done in no time and saved a whole load of hassle.

In my recent house move I had to transport some very delicate antique furniture that has a lot of ornate carving all over it. The pieces are more than 100 years old and so I was naturally anxious about it being safe in transit.

The removals company I hired at the time came to my home to view the pieces and they showed me exactly how they would transport them. They recommended using packing materials on edges, corners and any delicate work to protect the pieces and said they would load them into the van last so they would be first to be taken off at the other end.

They also told me about their really comprehensive insurance they have to cover their removals services. I had the extra peace of mind that my things were being transported with care and that even in the very unlikely event of breakage, I would be fully compensated.

Professional indemnity insurance is the best part of using a professional house removals company. If you undertake the job yourself, you have no guarantee against anything getting broken. Because we generally don’t have as much experience in packing as the professionals, we can’t expect the same level of safety for our things.

The last thing you want when you’re moving home is to have unexpected costs of hidden extras. If you use a well-established local moving company, their presence in the area gives you an additional guarantee of a good service. Local companies who continue to operate in the area for years are obviously doing a great job and they will want to protect their reputation too.

In essence, the best way to have a completely hassle-free move is to rely on the professional removals services. If you know anyone who has moved recently, they be able to recommend you but they are generally found by a simple Google search for removals companies, entered with your postcode area.

All the very best of luck with your house move. Hire the professionals and you won’t need luck!