The Best Way to Safely Relocate your Furniture

By | July 29, 2015

Before I continue any further, it’s simple – hire the professionals!

I have a small furniture business which means I often have to organised collection and delivery to customers of both antique and contemporary furniture.

I have been using the same locally based professional furniture removals company for many years. I always advise using a local supplier for things your business needs on a regular basis and we’ve had a great relationship through the years. During that time they have moved thousands of items of furniture to all around the country and on occasion, overseas. There doesn’t seem to be a furniture removal job too big or small for my professional man and a van.

A good thing about using a local removal service is that they offer a comprehensive range of services. As well as lifting and shifting things, they also know all about packing. Now, as a furniture trader, packing furniture is definitely something I consider to be an art. We have some very unusually shaped items that are immensely valuable and my house movers are able to protect the delicate parts of them with appropriate wrapping materials. They also bring sack barrows with them which makes the job a whole lot easier.

A professional removals company should offer a really broad range of services from packaging and storage through to man and van work. Because I use the same company for all my business needs, they have drawn up a price schedule just for me. Now I can calculate exactly how much the delivery part of the order will be costing so I can charge my customer the correct amount.

It’s been hard for most small businesses in the last few years and so it’s essential to know your overheads down to the last penny if possible. With my movers I’m able to quote my customers exactly for the delivery of the items they’ve bought from me. That means no nasty surprises for me OR my customers.

The other advantage to using a professional service for your removals is that they have really good insurance in place. That means your items are fully protected while the lads are moving them. Because of that, I am able to give my customers a guarantee they will get what they’ve ordered or their money back. I’ve always given that guarantee but now at least I know I can do that without any cost to my business! Peace of mind counts for a lot as a small enterprise.

One of the best things about my man and van service is that I am really happy with the way they deal with my customers. How they behave while on the job reflects on my business and so I take that seriously. Some of my regular customers have got to know my man and van team really well and always ask for them by name when they place their orders these days!

With things as tough as they are, small businesses need to stick together. That’s why I really enjoy working with my local removals company because it feels as though we are fighting on the same team. It’s true really though because they are only as successful as I am at the end of the day and so it’s in their interests to do a great job.

It’s important to be able to delegate and if your business relies on professional house movers as much as mine does, you need to find a company you can trust. I was really lucky like that which is why I’ve enjoyed growth in my business since employing their professional services.

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